Family Wealth Advisory

The financial issues of wealthy families and individuals are constant and complex. That is why we believe in true wealth management. In addition to investment consulting, Optivest’s comprehensive process involves advanced planning for tax efficiency, wealth transfer, wealth protection and philanthropy. We come alongside you as your family’s CFO to offer sound advice and solutions in concert with top advisors and estate specialists.

Our ultimate goal is to help you make wise decisions with your money.

As professional fiduciaries, we specialize in educating and supporting multi-generational families toward successful management and transfer of all aspects of their wealth. We help you prepare for and maneuver through family meetings, optimizing communication as you share your legacy.

Utilizing Optivest’s Family Wealth Advisory process allows us to take a holistic approach catered to our clients’ specific needs:

  • Complete organization of your family’s entire financial balance sheet (updated daily) through our proprietary OptiWealth online platform.
  • Customized, ongoing interviews to conduct a thorough and thought-provoking understanding of your unique history, values, long-term wealth objectives and legacy plans.
  • Complete organization of your estate, tax, business, property, insurance, health and personal documents on a secure and
    easily accessible online vault called OptiWealth. Further, we help you with family meetings to successfully pass on your legacy to your heirs. Reference books and checklists included.
  • Access to over 150 years of combined expertise from professionals in the following areas: estate design, tax consulting, M&A activity, property management, real estate financing, health and wellness, travel and family dynamics.
  • Optivest Portfolio Management includes: Build and manage custom investment portfolios producing clearly defined outcomes and risk metrics utilizing our open architecture, low fee and conflict-free research. Commercial real estate available based on suitability. (Portfolio Management Agreement and Fee Schedule applied.)

The services listed above are offered at the Family Wealth Advisory fee schedule.

For women in transition, our goal is to coach to build confidence, knowledge, independence and self-esteem.
Leslie Calhoun
Mark Van Mourick
Our goal is simple: to guide our clients and their heirs to a more secure and prosperous financial future.
Mark Van Mourick