Optivest Finalist for Corporate Philanthropy Award

August 2016: Optivest Wealth Management has been nominated and chosen as a 2016 finalist for the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation’s Corporate Philanthropy Award for its company-wide generous giving initiatives. Optivest advisors and employees are proud that the firm continuously donates 10% of gross revenue to philanthropic organizations worldwide through the Optivest Foundation.

“Invest in Others amplifies the charitable work of financial advisors, employees, and their firms by sharing their stories and awarding funding to the non-profits they care so much about.” Click here to learn more about the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation.



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Dee Cinquegrani as Optivest’s VP of Finance & Development

(As reported in the Orange County Business Journal, July 11, 2016):

In Spring 2016, Optivest announced Dee Cinquegrani as the company’s new Vice President of Finance and Development. Dee serves Optivest clients with over 20 years of experience in Business Development & Planning, Accounting and Human Resources. Her specialized contribution includes developing the OptiWealth online financial aggregator and working closely with CPAs, Attorneys and industry leaders to offer Optivest clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Dee is a member of AICPA, CalCPA, is a California Notary Public, holds a real estate Salesperson license for California, and is a graduate of Cal-State Fullerton. True to the Optivest culture that giving is living, you can often find Dee supporting local charitable organizations and community programs.

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Optivest Foundation on OCBJ’s Private Foundations List

(As reported in the Orange County Business Journal, September 7, 2015): “…Dana Point-based Optivest Foundation is the only newcomer to the list. It made $604,058 in total contributions last year, with $302,497 of that given to Orange County charities. Optivest is ranked No. 25. It was founded in 2007 and is funded by 10% of the gross revenue of Optivest Inc., Optivest Properties LLC, and Optivest Investment Banking, according to the foundation’s website. It has invested more than $2.3 million in local and international areas since 2007. Continue reading

Making a Luxury Purchase? Think Before You Splurge

By Mark Van Mourick
As reported on CNBC.com, September 10, 2015:

You’ve worked hard and have been very patient, and now you have made money—lots of it.
Like many folks who have experienced a large liquidity event, you’re ready for some immediate gratification. So you are looking to splurge. Perhaps you want to buy a high-end car, a boat or a private jet. You may even look at purchasing a luxury watch. Whatever form of indulgence it takes, it’s a shiny trophy and it’s going to be yours.

Unfortunately, many luxury consumers fail to consider the extent to which their purchase will hold its value over the years. In many cases, buyers eventually decide to resell a luxury item, only to find themselves losing a big chunk of the purchase price to depreciation. Continue reading

When Financial Advisors Become Philanthropists

To Give or Not to Give?

(As reported in Barron’s Magazine, June 2015)That has been the question faced by people of means for many millennia. It’s also one we help our clients address here at Optivest Wealth Management. CLICK HERE to check out this interview with Optivest CEO Mark Van Mourick on Barrrons.com.

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Divorce Advisor

Huffington Post: Wives, Widows and Wealth Management

Post-Divorce Wives, Widows and Wealth Management

(As reported in Huffington Post on May 23, 2013)
By: Mark Van Mourick

According to the Wall Street Journal, over the next 20 years, approximately $25 trillion will be passed to women through divorce, death of spouse or inheritance. Currently, women make up just under half of the nation’s millionaires. If their earning potential continues to grow on track, they will account for up to two thirds of the nation’s wealth by 2030.

Over the years, I have assisted a number of women from ages 30 to 80 with unique problems and issues arising from the death or divorce of their wealthy husbands. Oftentimes, these women are not actively involved in either the day-to-day management of their household money or the management of their investments. While they may have considerable assets to meet their financial requirements, they’re starting from a handicapped point of view, both from an educational standpoint as well as an emotional one. This “mental freeze” often leads to either cash hoarding (as opposed to investing) or being manipulated by a commissioned salesman.

If you are a recent widow or divorcee reading this, I truly empathize with you. Besides managing your grief, you are trying to deal with monumental changes in your life and are facing a growing list of perpetually unfamiliar monetary choices. Let me offer a few quick suggestions: READ MORE BELOW Continue reading

New York Stock Exchange

NSA IPO Announcement

National Storage Affiliates (“NSA”) REIT Goes Public on NYSE

CLICK HERE to view a quick video of Mark Van Mourick and Warren Allan of Optivest alongside the other founders of the National Storage Affiliates (“NSA”) REIT ringing the opening bell of the NYSE for the first day of trading on their successful initial public offering (IPO) on April 24, 2015.

National Storage Affiliates IPO Press Release

National Storage Affiliates REIT IPO April 24, 2015

National Storage Affiliates REIT IPO April 24, 2015



Arming Women for Better Divorce Outcomes

When is a 50/50 divorce settlement not really equal?


In many divorces, former spouses split their combined assets down the middle. But because of market trends, taxes and other factors, the ex-wife often ends up with the short end of the stick.

“Conscientious divorce attorneys want equitable outcomes for their clients,” says Sven Buncher, Managing Partner of The Buncher Law Corporation. “And achieving that often requires a more in depth analysis of the divorcing couple’s assets.”

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How Much Is Enough? A Simple Formula For Success

(As reported in Entreprenuer.com on July 16, 2013)

What’s your number?

It seems that we all have a number in mind, whether realistic or not, that if we get there, our financial future would be secure and we could retire without worry. For many this “number” keeps growing and forever seems out of reach. For some this number is “a little bit more,” even though they have long passed their requirements for a comfortable retirement.

After more than 30 years of working with investors and retirees, I have perfected a formula that works for families looking into the future. As you approach retirement and you are taking care of only you and a spouse (children raised and parents are not a financial burden) then the following formula is a realistic target: Continue reading