Financial Planning

At Optivest, we understand that your most valuable asset is time. We can organize most of your day-to-day operations online through the OptiWealth balance sheet aggregator as well as help you plan for retirement.

Primarily, we focus on the implementation of the OptiWealth balance sheet aggregator for financial planning and wealth sustainability. This secure online platform is monitored daily offering synchronized financial organization, cash flow analysis, etc.

In Addition to the OptWealth platform, we also provide extensive Financial and Retirement Planning Services:

financial records

  • Creation of comprehensive financial situation and statement production monitored and updated daily
  • Creation of comprehensive retirement strategies including life insurance, annuities, social security and pension benefits, long-term care, home equity, etc.
  • Tax analysis (in conjunction with your CPA)
  • Net-worth and asset (balance sheet) calculations
  • Financial plans for newlyweds, budgets, retirement funding plans, career strategies, home purchasing guidance


Some of the services listed above are offered at an additional fee.

Concierge/ Consulting

Here at Optivest, we service a limited number of large accounts well. We offer holistic advisory focused on coordinating your investments, tax and estate planning, and lifestyle services.


If it matters to you, it matters to us.

Optivest’s team is ready to assist with other issues that might impact clients and their families. Specifically, our Director of Client Services is dedicated to offering clients exclusive, personalized Family Office Services through our luxury partnership alliances. We are capable of managing art collections, coordinating travel and leisure plans, appointing house managers and personal assistants – even wedding planning. Our experienced staff is available to meet with your estate planner, insurance and tax professionals as part of our Family Office Services.

  • Premier automotive, aircraft, yacht, art and jewelry retailers
  • Private travel planners, including local 5-star resorts
  • Special event planning with experienced catering professionals

Some of the services listed above are offered at an additional fee.



Optivest Wealth Management has been described as one of the nation’s most philanthropic wealth management firms. The Optivest companies contribute 10% of every revenue dollar, not just profits, to Christian ministries across the globe by way of the Optivest Foundation.

We can assist philanthropies with the management of foundation assets as well as connect clients with our vetted network of charitable organizations that align with their passions.

The Optivest Foundation

MarkChildShouldersThe Optivest Foundation is a private foundation under IRS Section 501(c)(3) and is frankly one of the key reasons Optivest exists today.

→ We contribute 10% of every revenue dollar, not just profits, from Optivest Wealth Management, Optivest Properties, Optivest Investment Banking and Optivest Retirement Strategies into the Foundation and actively distribute those funds throughout the year.

→ The Optivest Foundation specifically gives to Christian Ministries, defined as such by their service, outreach and missions.  We direct these funds to build orphanages and medical clinics, to drill fresh water wells and numerous other life changing projects in the name of Christ. We are passionate about our giving and involve our employees and clients whenever possible.

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