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About Us

The Optivest Story

The roots of Optivest date back to a stock market newsletter, co-published by Mark Van Mourick in 1979. The Optivest newsletter reported the research results of our “Optimum Investment” process, still employed today.


In 1987, Optivest was formed as a Registered Investment Advisor to advise and manage the portfolios of twelve wealthy families. Today, Optivest provides fiduciary wealth and investment management services to some of the wealthiest individuals and families in the country.

Success has resulted from targeting 5-10% returns over a rolling 5-year time frame, without the volatility normally associated with stock/bond only portfolios. Our senior staff has an average of 28 years of industry experience and provides truly outstanding personalized customer service for our high net worth clientele. The results have been long and stable relationships with our loyal clients.

Optivest Service and Reporting

The high staff-to-client ratio at Optivest means a higher and more personalized level of service than you’ll find in the larger investment firms (currently 12:1 staff to client ratio). Whatever your financial needs, our team of caring professionals can help you navigate the most complex issues. When responding to client questions, researching tax issues, working with your accountants or attorneys, or transferring funds, you can depend on us to follow through with a level of integrity at the highest standards.

And to ensure easy monitoring for managed stock and fixed-income portfolios, daily online access and quarterly reporting are provided to clarify asset allocation and return performance. Of course, every client access point, phone call or face-to-face meeting is tailored to your particular needs.